Therapy on the Virtual Couch

Feelings and symptoms of anxiety and depression are very common in a lot of us. The problem is when they become debilitating, affecting your everyday life. If you are struggling to enjoy your day-to-day life, you are not alone. This year has been difficult for everyone, for many different reasons, but you don’t have to suffer with these feelings anymore. 


Here are just a few examples of things I can help with: 

  • Difficulty transitioning to college, adulthood, motherhood or other stages of life

  • Relationship issues (social, familial, or romantic)

  • Increased anxiety and/or depression due to current events (COVID-19, political distress, social justice issues, etc.)

  • Mental health treatment for those with a diagnosis of a chronic illness or their family members (e.g., cystic fibrosis, cancer, diabetes, organ failure, etc.)

  • Discussing fears of death 

  • Medical phobias and/or medical treatment adherence 

  • Assisting with advance care planning and completing advance directives


If you are ready to get started, contact me to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation so we can determine together if we will be a good fit before scheduling an intake evaluation. 


Currently, all individual therapy sessions are being conducted virtually via a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Upon scheduling your intake evaluation, I will connect you to the patient portal where you will be able to read and complete all intake forms, make payments, and send/receive secure communications.


Intake Evaluation - $200 – 75 minutes

Therapy Session - $160 – 50 minutes


At this time, I do not accept insurance, however, if your insurance plan includes Out-of-Network benefits through your insurance plan, I am happy to provide appropriate documentation that you will submit for partial reimbursement of fees you have paid.


I accept payment in the forms of credit/debit cards and Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.