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Clinical Supervision

Good clinical supervision is the key to a confident therapist. If you are seeking licensure in Pennsylvania, I am happy to discuss how my experience could help you become the therapist you want to be. I have experience in various settings, from partial hospitalization programs to outpatient clinics to medical hospitals. I feel comfortable helping you as you navigate learning to lead groups, hold individual and family sessions, prepare for court testimony, and learn the ins and outs of clinical documentation. 


My specialties and favorite things to teach are about the clinical relationship, biopsychosocial evaluations, and treatment of children, adolescents and their families. I work to ensure that the supervision experience includes various learning activities, personal reflection, case review, and documentation support. I am confident in my ability to teach you to write clear clinical reports that can be upheld in court settings, for insurance purposes, and for continuity of care between providers. This is a critical piece that is often overlooked in training and can be a tool not only for your patient, but also to protect you from liability.


I am committed to providing supervisees with real-world counseling supervision on a broad variety of topics such as:

  • Getting off to the best start with your client by completing a thorough initial evaluation, giving an appropriate diagnosis & writing a solid treatment plan

  • Ethical & legal issues that may arise in practice

  • Interventions that are age/developmentally appropriate, including sharing specific tools that I have found to be the most helpful in my own practice with children and families

  • How to network yourself and grow your presence in your professional community

  • Preparing for your first subpoena and courtroom testimony

  • Working in a medical setting and being a part of a multidisciplinary care team with physicians and other providers

  • Support around resume writing, job searching, and interviewing

My goal is to instill confidence in all areas of your professional life. The clinical supervisor role is not just a teaching role but also includes mentorship in other areas. I would like to pass on any wisdom that I have gained from my experience to help you avoid common mistakes, get the best job for you, and to love what you are doing.

Please reach out by email to discuss your supervisory needs, career goals, and how I might be able to help you reach your goal of licensure or provide ongoing support as you further your career. Fees and scheduling availability are determined based on your needs and therefore are not posted online.


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